High intensity circuit class utilising a range of equipment such as SkiErg, Sprint Treadmill, Assault Bike, Rower, Bikes, Battle Rope plus an ever changing range of floor based brutal activities

Fat Blaster

Fat Blaster is a 45 minute sweat session. A mixture of body weight and plyometric cardio movements that get the whole body moving. The best way to start a new week is with a cardio session that burns off all those naughty weekend calories.

Abs, Butts and Thighs

In this class we will not only burn the booty, we will also burn calories. It will be a combination of strength enhancing and muscle toning exercises that will target common problem areas. But don’t be fooled by the name, it isn’t just for the ladies.

Box Fit

This is a high intensity cardio work out, you will definitely need to bring a towel! We will be doing a cardio work out that incorporates a mixture of boxing type combat moves.


This workout gives you a huge variety of cardio exercises that will push your fitness to new levels. This high paced class will be over before you know it! 25% Strength / 75% Cardio

Shape Up

A stationary, interval, strength training session. No circuit to follow! With your heart pumping, this session will test your strength. All the best movements to build strength and tone the legs, arms and core! 50% strength, 50% cardio.


Looking for a training session that will really push you? A slower paced workout focussing on technique and heavier weights to achieve really great strength gains. 75% strength, 25% cardio.


Strength training is the key to toning and shaping the body. This workout has a focus on high repetition, guaranteed to improve muscle definition. 75% tone, 25% cardio

Box Fit

Combine punching, kicking and full body exercises to increase your fitness and co-ordination, all while burning some serious calories. A great mix of hard and fun!


Our pilates classes aim to improve flexibility, build strength and develop control and endurance of the body. Emphasis is placed on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.


An exciting mix of strength training, higher reps, and fast paced cardio rounds. This workout will fire up your metabolism and be a great kick-off to your week. 50% strength, 50% cardio


Our yoga instructors will assist you to attain good health and relaxation through poses and meditation. The poses build strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and stamina, and the meditation relaxes the body. Options are provided for all levels.